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2nd raffle, winner get to choose any pair of panties from me!

About the RAFFLE: After you buy a ticket, please email me the number you pick (please pick #1 - #42). One number can only be chosen once, and you will be asked to pick a different number if your first option is already taken. There will be one ticket per number, and each participant gets to purchase as many as 5 tickets. I’m ending the game on Saturday, July the 27th. Everyone can check the winning number by going to Georgia Lottery Website, Win For Life ,FREE BALL. If for some reason, no one has chosen a winning Free Ball number, I will pick the number which is the closet to the winning number without going over.

The winner will get to choose any pair of panties, thong, or g-string from my site OR  a pair of panties I might have in my collection(please contact me and ask). I’m updating the site soon, so you get to see more prize selection. I will be wearing it for 2 days, but will wear the panties up to 4 days upon the winner request. I will take personalized message photos for my winner and over 15 photos. Anyone who participates in this game will get some  photos of the winner picked panties.

The winner # for this 2nd raffle is LUCKY #10



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The Lucky Winner Of my Feb 2013 Raffle is Alex R.

Winning prize
Winning prize

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All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.