Fetish Items

Fetish Items

Men wearing panties section

$54.00 each

Victoria's Secret Blue Lace trim Panties- Flat 14.5 ", Streach to 25" (Sz L)

Victoria's Secret Purple panties - Flat 13", Streach to 20" (Sz S)

Victoria's Secret Yellow Sheer Panties- Flat 15", Streach to 23" (Sz M)


Victoria's Secret Pink Lace Thong - Flat 14", Streach to 22"


Fruit of the Loom - Flat 12", Streach to 19"

$56.00 each

Beige Satin Panties - Flat 12", Streach to 20"(L)

Blue Satin panties - Flat 11", Streach to 20"(S)

$48.00 - $56.00

This is a special section dedicated to guys who enjoy Zelda's used panties and love wearing them as well.

I'm a petite Asian girl, and my panties are size xs or small only. It's difficult for many of you big strong men out there who enjoy the soft/silky delicate fabric to fit in such tiny panties.

I've found some really stretchy panties which we both can fit in. Please see the regular and after streach measurement below the price of the panties. The preparation: I still will be wearing each panty for two days(unless you request an extra day or preparation). Seven pictures of me posing in the panties will be sent to your email on the day the package goes out.

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Zelda's Eatable Chocolate Pussy



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