Victoria's Secret Black Glitter Mesh Used Panties

Victoria's Secret Black Glitter Mesh Used Panties

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Pussy Pop [+$12.00]
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Ordering Information:

Unlike most girls, I will wear your used item for 48 hours so they are wet & well scented. Pay only $12 for each extra day worn! All items come with 7 pictures of me wearing your item just for you (5 pics for on sale items)!

You can choose from different delivery methods depending on how fast you want your package. I seal your panties in an airtight vacuum sealed bag to keep your panties fresh and moist. Your privacy is very important to me. I ship my used panties in an unmarked padded manila bubble envelope with no company name or female name on a returned label.

**If you are mailing me your payment with cash or money order, please give me the name of the item(s) you'd like me to prepare for you and tell me your second most favorite choice in case your first pick was sold before your envelop reaches me. Please don't forget to include shipping cost and additional $1.00 for a picture CD ($3 domestic first class or $5 priority mail. International rates will vary). *I will only send a photo CD, please DO NOT ask me to print those photos for you.

I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express, well-concealed cash (I am not responsible for missing cash), BLANK checks, & BLANK money orders. Shipping costs include shipping, packaging & handling. Shipping rates outside of the United States may vary.

Please send cash and money order payments to:

Box Holder
P.O. Box 980852
West Sacramento, CA 95798

Most of the items on this site are one time only items, so if you see something you like please get it right away before someone else does! If you have any special requests, please contact me and let me know!

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