"If you have a panty fetish, then look no further. Zelda is absolutely amazing! She makes the whole process really fun and easy. I had a blast working with her. She's very friendly and is open minded on special requests. I've done a few deals with other women before using her and wish I could've saw her first because no one else compares. I spent less and got a lot more from her. That will change next time though because I will be tipping her big for her time. Zelda deserves every dollar plus extra! Will definitely use her again and only her from now on. I got tons of pictures and even a personal note with my package. She goes over the top of expectations. I Guarantee she will make you happy and complete your fantasies. She even sent me a couple exotic pictures of her with a sign wishing me a good morning out of the blue while my package was still being prepared and she didn't have to do that. Not to mention how absolutely beautiful she is. Her smell and taste is intoxicating! I honestly have no clue how she does it with being so personal to the consumer. I got to know her a little bit through email as she'll update you on progress of your package. I could say so much more but I think you get the point. Please don't make the mistake of using anyone else. I LOVE ZELDA!"

- Jake from St. Louis 07/21/16 <2 days prepared panties>

"Where do I begin, for any panty fetish fiend out there looking whether it be a new or another seller to buy from than look no further homies, Zelda is the real deal! I've been searching around myself for quite sometime for a sincere girl and I found her. She was so fast replying to my emails and I know she is busy with other orders too so that's always a plus. You can feel at ease telling her your fetishes as she is pretty open to satisfy her clients; she did with me. She is not a machine so be patient with your orders and trust me you will not be disappointed. Purchased one of her sale panties with a 3 day wear along with my fetish option and she delivered nothing but top notch quality. My package came and it felt like Christmas morning all over again. From the cute and neatly wrapping with a personal note which she was so thoughtful, to the vacuum sealed panty, I can honestly say she tastes and smells oh so heavenly. I'm already putting extra funds aside for my next order. Congrats and thank you my princess for yet another satisfied, loyal slave, and repeating customer. Mahalo!"

- B, HI 3/24/14 <3 days prepared panties>

"I've got a BIG problem! I love these too much lol. I just got the package today, and I gotta say....ooooooooooooh. ;) Seriously, these are superb, more than I imagined, there's no other way to describe them. thank you!"

- K.M., USA 9/1/12 <regular prepared, 2 days panties>

"I have good news, I got your package earlier this weekend! I'm glad I finally decided to place an order from you, and I should have done it a long time ago! I have to say I am more than happy with your panties you sent, and I'm already looking forward to the next ones I order. This first pair of your panties you've sent me has a wonderful scent right from the moment I opened them and once I got to licking and tasting them a bit, oh wow, then they really came to life and they are a real treat for my nose and my tongue :) They are quite dirty and very well worn, more than I thought they would be, and that's just fine with me, I can smell so much of you all over them, they have a little bit of everything and I just love the way they smell! And they taste so good too, those are some very creamy panties! Yummy :) I really have to thank you for these panties and for making my weekend even more enjoyable than it would have been. I've had quite a bit of fun with them since I got them, and I'll be having a lot more fun with them over the next couple days. You'll be seeing more of me for sure, I can't say when just yet, extra cash is not easily found these days, but I'm very tempted to just go ahead and order a few more panties from you right now anyway, I know it would be worth it! With the delicious panties you sent me, the very hot and incredibly sexy pics you took for me, and how quick you are to reply back to me and with how quick you sent me these panties, all I can say is that you're already an amazing girl and I can't wait to get to know you and your panties even better. Awesome! You've really given me a lot to look forward to! Thanks again for everything."

- Steven M, Canada 03/01/12 <sweaty, 4-5 days prepared panties>

"Wow!!! :). I got the thong today Zelda, I love it. I must compliment you, such a arousing scent and taste, your thong actually left me breathless hehe.
I don't know why I was concerned about the mailing time, I forgot, it's been so long, that you use a vacuum seal for your goodies. I'm still smiling as I type this to you. I'm sure you have read all the bullshit in the world over how good your panties are Zelda, they are as you put it, intoxicating!

Thanks Princess, it's fun for me cleaing it and thanks for the little note. Luv ya Zelda"

- Joe. K., PA 02/26/12 <sweaty, 4-5 days prepared thong>

"WOW!!! What can I say but pure perfection. Come on guys, if you're thinking about ordering from Zelda, DO IT. She makes the whole process of ordering, and receiving your package from her a very enjoyable event. And if you have any special requests, just ask her. She's very open minded about it. You will not be disappointed."

- L.R., AL 02/08/12

"I have been a buyer of Zelda’s used panties since 2008. The delicious scent of her creamy cum is just amazing with the arrival of each new package I fallen increasingly under her spell. I sleep with them over my face I lick them clean and masturbate regularly while viewing the photos from her collections. She is beautiful, incredibly sexy, but also charming with an adventurous spirit . Always enjoy her correspondence! 
It is my dream to be her slave, to do her housework , clean her car, to serve her as a true goddess and a divine mistress. Zelda said she always liked the idea of having a slave and I love to be considered as her property. Whenever I send off for a new packet of her intoxicating panties I lock myself into a chastity belt to show my submission until they arrive, this is truly fantastic. Really adds to the excitement, and I feel completely commited to worshipping her.

To be her slave, to worship and adore Zelda is an incredible experience."

- Her slave N. A. 01/06/12

"Zelda's panties are BY A MILE the best, most fragrant, most soiled, most delicious panties yet! She tries her utmost best to give her clients the best and most "freshest panties." When I received her panties here(it takes more than 7 freaking days to reach here due to USPS and the local post office being a dud), the crotch area was all stuck together with her delicious cum and the smell was still so strong that it feels like I personally removed the panties from her!

What sets Zelda's apart from all the other Panties sellers besides her aromatic panties is her service. I have purchased panties from other sellers, but communication with them feels like pre-recorded, fake and insincere & when I received their product it reflects their insincererity. With Zelda, you really feel like communicating to a friend more than talking to a seller. She goes to so much length (48 hours or more for 1 panties!!!!) for each customer and she ensures that more than enough smell and cum on her panties before delivering it! 

In Summary, IF YOU GUYS WANT TO BUY USED PANTIES, I can guarantee Zelda will provide the best,"freshest," most aromatic/intoxicating and most soiled panties around with the best customer service and the sexiest panties seller you can ever find! I am now a well and truly satisfied customer and I keep coming for her panties more and more. I RECOMMEND ZELDA'S PANTIES to any used panties buyer!!!!!!"

- AnonymousG from SG, 9/17/11

"Zelda, I have received my package and am so happy with them.Thank you so much for this service you provide, the only thing better would be taking them of you myself. You smell and taste so good I have been jacking off almost most of the afternoon. I will be buying from you regularly."

- EC, 1/24/11

"I tried someone else’s lemonade once, before I found you. I tried her golden nectar and it seemed like the package took forever to deliver. When it arrived, I didn't even try, I just threw it in the trash. It was stinking and she used some dumb container that leaked, it was a real turn off. 

But then I found you, and I can enjoy your lemonade, your cranberry, your worn panties, and your sweet personality. Thanks again Zelda, for always going out of your way to make me happy. Nobody does it better Zelda.........luv ya." 

- Joe K, 8/15/10

"In these hard economic times, I was hesitant to spend my money on anything that I didn't need, which means fetish items in general. However, Zelda made the process so easy and answered all of my emails almost immediately that I felt like I would be a long time customer and I would always come back to satisfy my 'strange needs.' So, I decided to buy from her, and when I received her panties, it felt like all of my stress was lifted and I was instantly in bliss! I've ordered used panties from other women before when my paycheck used to be larger, but there is something about Zelda's special touch that made me come back wanting more, more, and more. I would sell aluminum cans if I had to in order to buy from her."

- GW, 2009

"I luckily found Zelda's site in December, 2007. My only regret is that I did not find her back in 2003. I am a very satisfied new customer and intend to be her customer for years to come. Her products are awesome and even with her extremely busy schedule, she still finds the time to make me feel special with her emails. Kisses, honey."

- DOM, 2008

"Zelda is the only one I've entrusted with my little "secret" and she's made me feel very comfortable about our business relationship and myself. Each order has been promptly filled and always carries a personal touch. She sincerely cares about me both as a customer and person and I have no interest in going anywhere else."

- J

"Zelda is truly a goddess. Her personal items have the most incredible scent, she makes every effort to fulfill my desires, and sends a wonderful CD of pictures personally made for each client wearing them. I had a lovely letter too. She fulfills your orders promptly discreetly and keeps you fully informed. She is real quality, stunningly beautiful and with a real interest in keeping you happy. Zelda is simply the best and I could not imagine going elsewhere. Thank you a million times!"

- HC

"Zelda has one sweetest hearts you could find on the web. She is truly an Asian Princess. Not only is her heart sweet but so are her pantyhose and panties. She leaves nice thick sweet pussy cream which is just like sugar. I will continue to buy from her because she puts that extra effort in her items and not to mention that extra personal attention she gives to me. You Rock Zelda!"

- G

"Zelda is simply amazing! She was quick to communicate and ship and even sent some bonus pictures that knocked my socks off. The panties I received were tremendous!, extremely wet and full of her sweet Asian juices and she did an excellent job of filling my special request. Don't hesitate to buy from this sexy goddess, she is awesome!"

- JR

"I have bought a lot of 'delicates' from ladies at eBay and eBanned. I have written them and received their return emails. Boys, Zelda is the best I have ever found! Head and shoulders above the rest. I hate to even tell you this, I want to keep her all for myself! But in fairness to you, and to her, I have to tell you: Zelda is the one! If you pass on her you are making a gross error in judgment. You need go no further, you have found what you are looking for right here."

- D

"There is something special about Zelda that makes her different from many of the other women that I have bought fetish items from. First of all, she has the best scent that I have ever sensed in my life. Her taste is absolutely unique and amazing. The scent of her used panties alone sent me into a completely different world of unrefined pleasure that I never experienced before. On top of being beautiful and unique, she is very sweet and I enjoy talking to her on email. She has gone out of her way many times to make me feel comfortable. I only wish I had her all to myself!"

- AR

"I bought some worn knee highs from Zelda and she has the best smelling and sexiest feet ever! I highly recommend buying from her! She sends the items quickly and communicates the entire time. I wish I had more pictures of her though, but I have to say that she sends a ton and I still cannot get enough. She is the best and super hot as well!"

- Rich

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"I have to tell you that Zelda is the very best out of all the other internet girls selling their personal items. I highly suggest buying from her right away!!"

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